"I draw turtles. I draw turtles with Sakura Micron pens. The five reasons why I use Sakura Micron pens:

1. Being left-handed and prone to smudging…the Micron ink dries fast.

2. They look legit with all the writing on them.

3. They come off my skin easily with soap.

4. They have a cap that snaps onto the end.

5. They come in a nice range of nib sizes.

I have drawn many cartoons, doodles, and turtles with Micron pens. I always have some with me, and am very thankful they exist."

Wayne lives in Union City, California, and likes: sushi, fake mustaches, ninjas, ketchup, deep tissue massage, freestyle rhyme, sketch books, special interest movies, people watching, co-op video games, milk tea with pearls, magic tricks, acoustic guitarist singer/songwriters, women, Ben and Jerry’s Cherry Garcia, nail clippers, Sakura Micron pens, conversations with children, slip-on shoes, riding cruiser bike along beaches, looking at clouds, helping others brainstorm ideas, and turtles.

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