"Using keen observational skills to accurately render a natural subject represents one of the basics of scientific illustration. All sizes of Pigma Microns, especially .005, allows me communicate the appropriate message and render light on form naturally, via stipples or the most delicate of lines. The archival ink and diversity of values never fail to translate the scientific concept to a broader audience." 


Sean Vidal Edgerton is a trained Science Illustrator with roots throughout California and abroad. With ‘tree’ his first word and ‘bird’ the second, growing up in the midst of Los Angeles he always seemed to gravitate towards the outdoors and the wonders of the natural world. His work represents his innate passion to blend the worlds of art and science as well as create art in the service of science, education, and conservation. Sean’s work focuses on the beauty of natural history, biodiversity, and organisms poorly understood and in dire need of our conservation efforts. Charles Darwin’s famous words “…endless forms most beautiful...” continuously plant seeds of inspiration.

After studying Plant Sciences and Ecology & Evolutionary Biology at UC Santa Cruz he completed a graduate program in Science Illustration at CSU Monterey Bay. Since then he’s trekked the rainforests of Madagascar as Wildlife Illustrator, roamed the halls of the Smithsonian as Entomological Illustrator, and currently works as Botanical Illustrator at the California Academy of Sciences. Aside from freelance Science Illustration he is also pursing a M.Sc. in Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation Biology with an emphasis on infectious diseases. Outside of work and classes he roams far and wide with his dog Laika, from their home on Haight & Ashbury smack dab in the middle of San Francisco, California.

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