The Serenity Of Knowing

Photo by Laura Glazer

Photo by Laura Glazer

Artist Testimonial :

In all my research the Pigma Micron emerged as the smartest choice for a project that would have to produce tens of thousands of words over 2400 super sized pages. The nibs gave me a smoothness and a consistency, even across the roughness of a toothy watercolor paper. Perhaps the thing that impressed me the most was how it fit between my fingers. After writing for several hours per day, my hands refused to be tired. In the end there were no smudges, no runs, and I could erase over it with no worries. The Pigma Micron gave me the ability to create elegant flourishes time and again. Oh, and one more thing. It makes writing fun.

Artist Statement :

In a nutshell I've just spent spent the previous seven years, plus or minus, hand writing the 1611 King James Bible from Genesis to Revelation, including the Apocrypha.

People always ask me why. Aside from the fact that an important friend said to me that I should write it, in the same tradition of Muslims and Jews who handwrite their holy books, I also always wanted to know what was in it. We swear on it in court and nobody's read it. I certainly had never read it even after 13 years in religious schools. I just don't have the intellectual bandwidth for making sense of such a massive tome. So write it I did.
I completed the task at an event called The Last Word on May 11th 2013. When it was over, everyone shouted Amen.

In many ways I might not seem a likely candidate for such an endeavour. I go to church every Sunday without fail. However I'm not really a religious kind of guy. I attend more out of a devotion to community. I love my family, I love my community. They love me in return. So ultimately this project is about love. Its a gift to all those who care for me, and those who have only known me now.