Pigma Micron pens come in 6 point sizes to create precise lines. For work or for play, Pigma Micron pens are loyally used by designers, scientists, archivists, architects, manga artists, cartoonists, illustrators, scrapbookers and craft hobbyists. Whether singing a contract or check, Pigma ink provides a safe, permanent record.

Pigma Brush pens have soft, brush tips for variable line widths that can be used for illustration, calligraphy, freehand graphics, rubber stamp art, decorative fabric art, hand written awards and certificates or for embellishing text.

Pigma Graphic pens have specialized, bullet and chiseled nibs for bold drawing applications such as graphic artwork, manga and cartoon illustrating, scrapbook art, told painting, mapping or sketching.

Pigma Sensei provides the tools you need to illustrate in kits targeted towards the Manga or comic style. Rich Pigma ink comes in a variety of nib sizes for inking and adding dimension. Pigma Sensei comes in multiple fine point sizes, bullet and chisel point nibs for drawing facial expressions, lettering, and detailing, or bold lines to add impact and drama. 

Pigma Pen Series provides a more economical barrel.  The 05 has a very durable nylon nib and the 10 is a large fiber nib. The Pigma pen is ideal for those who need high quality, archival ink paired with a sturdy nib.