Julia Gutiérrez-Bravo is a Venezuelan-Spanish artist, born in 1988, self-taught and passionate about birds. Her artistic name is Mederos, in honor of his grandfather Luis Bravo-Mederos. Her grandfather was her best friend, her teacher and her accomplice. Due to the admiration that Luis Bravo felt for his mother, Julia decides to use her great-grandmother's surname as the artistic name.

Birds are a representation of herself and her emotions. For the artist birds represent, in their different species, freedom, overcoming, balance, elegance and mystery. These are the characteristics that she tries to transmit through her artwork.

The drawing and painting of birds became a therapy to overcome suffering and pain experienced, and an escape to the happiness of which the artist enjoys nowadays.

Her achromatic drawings (black and white) are due to the fact that for the artist the lack of color represent that balance, that elegance and that mystery. On the other hand, her paintings are chromatic because she understands that the different tonalities of colors represent an explosion of feelings and emotions that can only be reflected using the chromatic circle.

Upon her arrival in the United States she decided to give even more priority to her artistic work and thus be able to break through in that market, and somehow make her artworks a way of life.

“The reason I use Sakura pens is because they are affordable and high quality, they last months of use and they allow me to have precise strokes with their pens. I particularly, love a one line drawing and my pen of choice is the Sakura pens: Pigma Micron number 08!  “ - Julia Gutiérrez

Instagram: @mederosart

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“My name is Rosemary, known at home as Rosie, and everywhere else as Rose. I am from the UK but I currently live in the Dominican Republic and have done for the past 3 years. I have been drawing and travelling since I can remember and coming from a family of talented and professional artists I was always surrounded by creativity and support. When I was 18 I ventured to Art School. I made it one year. It wasn’t what I expected at all and I put down my pencil for almost 5 years. 

After some detours, a degree in Archaeology, teaching english, 4 countries, countless jobs, I found myself in an Art Shop buying an A6 Sketchbook and pack of microns. I had never tried ink drawing before but immediately loved it. Since then a pack of Microns and a sketchbook can always be found near by. I started by sketching whatever I could see, buildings, cafes, my kitchen. Instagram let me get in touch with artists all over the world and grow much faster than I expected.

Now, almost a decade after I quit Art School, I teach high school art, exhibit, do commissions and even murals. Sketching is where I am most relaxed and have the most fun. Microns are my favourite, as they have the blackest and smoothest ink that stays strong over time! Very important for me as my sketchbooks can get a bit beaten up, I take them everywhere. I love getting lost in details, however big the piece, and the 005 is perfect for that. The past two years I have been working on a series of projects but my favourites have to be my Pet Portraits & Wave Series. Pet Portraits allow me to connect with people and create personalised art that I know will be treasured. The Wave series is my personal project, something I can get stuck into and lose myself in. I’ve been lucky enough to exhibit some of these pieces and even sell a few! 

Thank you Sakura for featuring me! Your pens have made my dream career a reality. “ - Rosemary Grace

Instagram: @r.g_art



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“My name is Oona Cassidy and I am a self-taught artist living in San Francisco with my husband and two young daughters. My formal art education ended in high school but I have always maintained my passion for art. After several years of practicing law, I moved to California while working for a company in New York City.  The time difference gave me the opportunity to start drawing again after a very long hiatus. Over the past several years, I have been lucky enough to do a number of commercial and private commissions, sell various products through my Etsy shop and have recently shown in a gallery here in SF. 

For as long as I can remember, my parents have gifted me art supplies for Christmas. For one of those gifts, years ago, was my very first pack of Pigma Microns and they’ve been an absolute necessity for my artwork ever since. A current series I have been working on is called ‘Dragimals’ which are ink drawings of animals in very intricate wigs inspired by drag queens.  Although I enjoy all sizes and colors of microns, the 003 and 005 nib size are perfect for this particular series because of the fine fur and hair details that it requires. I love the whole range of microns because the nib never splits, the ink lasts for ages and I can use watercolor over the top without the lines fading and bleeding. Gelly Rolls have also been a go to pen for me for decades and new additions to the range never cease to impress me.  I am so thankful to Sakura for creating so many different products that have been able to grow with me and my art over the years.“ - Oona Cassidy

Instagram: @oonakc

Facebook: @OonaKConEtsy


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By day, Blake Gore is the Director of Learning Experience Design at Vanderbilt Business School, empowering individuals to embrace drawing and design thinking as problem-solving tools. By night, he creates sustainable small art to the sounds of Music City (Nashville). Often drawing inside only an inch or two, he’s inspired by the challenge to create more while consuming less.

“My approach to sustainable art includes non-toxic ink and recycled canvases, but it goes further than the obvious. Small, portable art needs to be durable if it is to be an active part of people’s daily lives, and the Pigma Micron’s waterproof, archival ink is up to the task. I like knowing that by keeping my material costs low, I can increase art lovers’ accessibility to original pieces. But, if my art isn’t always going to sit quietly on a wall, I need to make sure it ages well - and avoids a landfill.

Working inside tiny spaces also requires a degree of precision that the Pigma Micron 005 and 003 were specifically designed to deliver. I know exactly what to expect from every stroke and stipple, and there is no substitute for that confidence when the margin for error is so miniscule.” – Blake Gore

Instagram: @blakegore

Twitter: @B1akeGore

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“Hello, I’m Zach Klinner. Growing up I struggled to find positive Asian influencers, so I decided to be my own. My art highlights what it means to be a gay, Asian man in 2018 America; as well as displaying my interest in political and social issues through pen illustrations of t-shirts and portraits. As an introvert, it’s hard for someone like me to speak to the world through a megaphone. Furthermore, by using something so common to the human experience such as a t-shirt to find my artistic voice, it has allowed me to analyze the cultural issues around me. I draw with the intention of creating a mirror, so that when others view my work they can connect with my story through their own experiences. Conceptualizing these drawings allows me to have a voice as an Asian-American artist. Creating my own space within the larger cultural discourse allows me to sleep at night and motivates me to continue creating every day.

When I picked up my Pigma Microns at the local art store for the first time, I was excited to start creating new illustrations but I didn’t know about the support system behind them. Sakura takes great pride in featuring artists on their social media platforms; showing the world what the artist and pen can do. I was impressed to see that Sakura encouraged creation rather than just selling a product. Whether they were 005, 08, or a PN, I was provided with a consistent and reliable ink that suited my specific style of illustration. Not all pens draw the same, but these pens have allowed me to finish amazing pieces that have been viewed in galleries in Milwaukee and New York City. Similar to the ways in which an athlete has a favorite type of shoe or a commuter relies on their car to take them to work, Microns are my go-to tool to help tell my story.” - Zach Klinner

Instagram: @zachklinner


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