Ayejay is a Northern California based illustrator, and for the last twenty years has been using Microns for six books, a couple hundred skateboard graphics, as well as clothing, print and logo work. With a focus on commercial illustration, more often than not he is frantically scribbling, in attempts to meet deadline, one .05 line at a time!

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AuthorSakura of America

Todd Stong is an artist based in Philadelphia, PA who makes, among other things, intricate Micron pen drawings on smooth bristol and gessoed wood panels, sometimes using Xacto blades to carve in even finer detail. He is inspired by the American city's encroachment on the pastoral, and the resulting artificial landscapes created along the edges of the suburban and the rural. The drawings expand through the microscopic to the oceanic as a density of marks allows him to explore scale with a sense of obsession and wonder.

Todd received a B.A. in Visual Arts and Literary Arts from Brown University in 2014, with coursework at the Rhode Island School of Design.  He has shown in a number of exhibitions, both group and solo, in venues including New Urban Arts in Providence, RI, The Banana Factory in Bethlehem, PA, BlackRock Center for the Arts in Germantown, MD, and Trestle Gallery in Brooklyn, NY. He has completed residencies at The Art Students League of New York Vytlacil Campus, CAC Woodside, and the Vermont Studio Centers, and he took part in the Post-Graduate Apprentice program at the Fabric Workshop and Museum, where he has work in the permanent collection.

He is in his first year teaching middle-and-high school painting (and math!) at the Kimberton Waldorf School in Kimberton, PA.


AuthorSakura of America

Inktober had us completely amazed with all of the talented artists on Instagram sharing their work and posting on a daily basis.

Imagine our surprise when we started seeing a particularly specific homage to the Pigma Micron 01 pen tagged with #pigmainktober. The incredibly creative artwork featured Micron 01 as the subject of a whimsical series. Every day a new one would appear, each drawing more imaginative than the last. The wonderful artist behind the series is the very talented Italian illustrator Marianna Balducci. 

Now that Inktober is over, we have a wonderful compilation of Micron themed drawings, courtesy of Marianna! 

About the Artist
Marianna Balducci was born in 1985 in Rimini (Italy), graduated in fashion (2011, University of Bologna, Campus of Rimini), and is interested in learning one of the most innovative contemporary visual languages. She started working immediately after graduation as a freelance in communications, illustration and stopmotion video. She works with a specific focus on her city, often a source of inspiration of her projects. She’s the author of the stop motion video clip “Catalan” for the guitarist Dominic Miller. Her last works include the game-book “La Saraghina in gita” to introduce children to the city of Rimini. Recently she had a series of photographs “Temperini, pennini e schiacciapatate” exhibited in the Biennial of Drawing (Rimini, 12 April-8 June 2014).


Follow Marianna on Twitter: @MariannaBal

Instagram: @marymary_piccolafaccia

Thank you so much for sharing your work Marianna! It's wonderful to see you love Microns as much as we do. 

AuthorLeslie Crumpler

Watch artist Miguel Endara’s incredible video entitled, “Hero.” Miguel’s stippling piece was inspired by his dad and is composed entirely out of 3.2 million dots made with an 005  Pigma Micron pen. 

Both the video and the artwork were created and produced by Miguel Endara, and this is not a paid advertisement for Sakura of America. Miguel shared this beautiful video with us and we want to share it with you!

AuthorLeslie Crumpler
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