"As an artist, I feel as if any of my aesthetic creations are, most simply, an amalgamation of various elements.  I primarily derive much of my inspiration from being situated within urban spaces.  Originally from Detroit and now living in Salt Lake City, I have found an urban landscape, both physically and ideologically, provides an extraordinarily stimulating set of experiences and realities.  Above all, within an unparalleled importance, is the observer.  My art does not exist outside of your gaze.  Your consumption, interpretation and reactions are truly what negotiates the meaning of these aesthetic contributions.  Just as colors do not exist within themselves, but rather exist within relation to other colors, my art, my thoughts and my being do not exist in and of themselves, but rather are dependent upon you and your active engagement.

The Pigma Micron pens are the most accurate and consistent ink pens I have experienced.  Their trustworthiness supports the capacity for all the fine details in my work."

Instagram: @zachfranzoni 

AuthorLeslie Crumpler