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“Hello, I’m Zach Klinner. Growing up I struggled to find positive Asian influencers, so I decided to be my own. My art highlights what it means to be a gay, Asian man in 2018 America; as well as displaying my interest in political and social issues through pen illustrations of t-shirts and portraits. As an introvert, it’s hard for someone like me to speak to the world through a megaphone. Furthermore, by using something so common to the human experience such as a t-shirt to find my artistic voice, it has allowed me to analyze the cultural issues around me. I draw with the intention of creating a mirror, so that when others view my work they can connect with my story through their own experiences. Conceptualizing these drawings allows me to have a voice as an Asian-American artist. Creating my own space within the larger cultural discourse allows me to sleep at night and motivates me to continue creating every day.

When I picked up my Pigma Microns at the local art store for the first time, I was excited to start creating new illustrations but I didn’t know about the support system behind them. Sakura takes great pride in featuring artists on their social media platforms; showing the world what the artist and pen can do. I was impressed to see that Sakura encouraged creation rather than just selling a product. Whether they were 005, 08, or a PN, I was provided with a consistent and reliable ink that suited my specific style of illustration. Not all pens draw the same, but these pens have allowed me to finish amazing pieces that have been viewed in galleries in Milwaukee and New York City. Similar to the ways in which an athlete has a favorite type of shoe or a commuter relies on their car to take them to work, Microns are my go-to tool to help tell my story.” - Zach Klinner

Instagram: @zachklinner


AuthorWayne Chan