I am Zach Hsieh, also known as zhcomicart on Instagram and YouTube. I found my passion for art in 2015 and had a clear vision and goal of becoming a great comic book artist. Ever since then, I have dropped everything I have to pursue my dream. I love telling exciting stories using pictures as well as drawing superheroes and buildings. I use pencils and inks to create my drawings. I live in NYC right now refining my skills and learning something new everyday. I enjoy interacting with my fans on Instagram and posting videos on YouTube. I like to make tutorials to teach others as well as share aspects of my life in the form of short vlogs and talks.

I feel like as a comic book artist a lot of people use inking nibs to do their work but for me I never got used to it because I am used to drawing my lines using a pencil. I love using microns because there are so many different sizes and it is much easier to use. Sometimes I color with color markers too and microns are one of the only pens that don't bleed much.

Instagram: @zhcomicart

YouTube: ZHcomicart

AuthorWayne Chan