I am a Brooklyn-based illustrator and art director. My style can probably be summed up as pen and ink meets mild OCD. I love the simplicity of drawing in ink and the challenge of rendering fine detail with a single medium. Architecture and New York City are my go to subjects as it offers so much inspiration to draw. I’m currently wrapping up a 3 year long project called 1,011 Drawings (instagram @mister_vi). It began as a way to get back into practice after a long hiatus from art. Now it’s a way for me to connect with fellow artists and people from all over the world. 

I’ve been using micron pens as long as I can remember. The consistency of the ink and how it rarely ever smudges always makes these pens great to use. I love the finer tips like 005 as it helps me get even finer details. And now the recently discovered 003 is sort of blowing my mind a bit.  -Vi Luong

AuthorWayne Chan