Hello all!

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My name's Thomas Moore. I'm a British artist and the founder of Lást Maps, a small illustration brand dedicated to producing work that celebrates adventure and the natural world.

I've been holding a pen as far back as I can remember, but I've taken a different journey into the world of illustration than many. I'm an Environmental Scientist by qualification, and had all but turned by back on the idea of pursuing a career in art. But there was such an enormous gap in communicating science, particularly in the field of wildlife conservation and climate change that really sung to me. So much is told through art that cannot be told in data, and with a growing environmental urgency, I decided to put the pen to work and start Lást. Its basic mission is to capture the magic of a place, the excitement of an adventure, and to inspire people to explore and engage with nature more. This mission also comes with a heavier obligation - to fight for the environment and the wildlife we share it with.

The Lást brand has been going for about a year now, and Micron pens have been there every step of the way. Our illustration work varies, and includes everything from map making to branding, but it is always pen based. Ink work has always been my tool of choice, and we pride ourselves on rooting our work in traditional hand drawing, along with a consistently full cup of coffee. There's something so magical about traditional craft, and it ties into the heritage our brand celebrates. Micron pens are incredible quality, and I find it really useful that the ink dries quickly. They also look beautiful behind the scenes. My favourite nib would have to be 01 - but let's be honest they all have their purpose. 

PS for those that are wondering, Lást is an Ancient English word that means footprint/track or obligation/vow - depending on it's usage.

AuthorLorrie Chan