Taylor Mazer is an award-winning freelance illustrator/artist with a heavy focus on architectural illustration with in pen and ink. Taylor began his career as a working artist prior to graduating from Kendall College of Art and Design with a BFA in illustration in 2012. Currently, Taylor resides in Grand Rapids, MI where he teaches at Kendall College of Art and Design as an adjunct professor. His 7 years of experience working full time as a pen and ink artist is the basis for what is presented in his class, “Advanced Inking Techniques.”

Taylor’s works are heavily rooted in the analysis of an environment. In each drawing, he will utilize compositional tools similar to those used in narrative illustrations. He will direct light and shadow, signs, the direction of the line-work, placement of objects, etc. to focus the viewer’s eye on particular objects similar to his own experience of either curiosity or confusion while visiting these depicted places. Each of his drawings are depictions of perception.  

Throughout his childhood, Taylor drew prolifically, maintaining a series of sketchbooks and illustrating comics for his school newspaper. When drawing, his tool of choice is the micron. Each of his drawing’s utilizes a variety of Microns with his favorites being the 02 and the 005. He has tried virtually every other pen he could find but always comes back to Microns. Throughout his working years with this pen, he has used them in every way he can imagine from drawing with them and erasing the ink to get grey tones, carving the tips to get different textures, and breaking the pens open and dry brushing with the ink to get misty textures that maintain the black hue of the micron line work.

Instagram: @tlmazer

Twitter: @taylormazer

Website: taylordraws.com

AuthorWayne Chan