Shelby Elizabeth is an artist living and working in Austin, Texas.

Shelby's artwork is completed using primarily traditional mediums, concentrating on pen and ink. From a young age, she was attracted to the qualities of ink drawing. The permanence of each mark, rather than being intimidating, has always excited and challenged her. After the ink drawing is complete, Shelby uses scratch board tools to scratch away highlights and finishing details. 

Shelby explains, "The need for patience, attention to detail, and at the same time, spontaneity lends itself to the beauty of the medium. Expressing the world through line, whether it be creating the course texture of a tree or the soft delicacy of a flower petal, allows me to understand each object I draw with more clarity."

Currently, nature has been Shelby's primary focus. She enjoys rendering plants and animals to both improve her own abilities and to depict their expressive nature. Exploring wildlife, either directly from life or through a photograph, helps her to reinvigorate her passion for nature.

“My favorite pens to use have always been Sakura pens. Their delicate tips, especially the size 005, are perfect for the detailed nature of my artwork. Because my work is primarily based in pointillism, having a pen that is both resilient and great quality is a must. The pens last for so long and hold up to many hours and hours of work. Knowing they are professional quality, archival pens also makes me very happy to know they will make my artwork last a very long time.” - Shelby Elizabeth

AuthorWayne Chan