Samantha Dion Baker is originally from Philadelphia, where she grew up in a family of artists. She graduated from The Cooper Union in New York City and spent over twenty years working as a graphic designer. Now a full-time illustrator and artist, her favorite thing to do is wander the city streets and travel with her family, drawing all of the things she does, eats, and sees in the pages of her sketch journal. She lives and works in Brooklyn with her husband and two sons.    

“I have used Pigma Micron pens for as long as I can remember. I have boxes full of them. I love that they are fully waterproof, and the ink dries quickly. My favorite is .01 nib, which is not too thin and not too thick. I also began painting in my sketchbook with the Sakura Koi Field Sketch box, so I have a strong attachment to it, and recommend it to anyone that is looking for a reasonably priced travel watercolor kit. The colors are so vibrant, and the water brush is among the most reliable I have come across. “ - Samantha Dion Baker

AuthorWayne Chan