“My name is Rosemary, known at home as Rosie, and everywhere else as Rose. I am from the UK but I currently live in the Dominican Republic and have done for the past 3 years. I have been drawing and travelling since I can remember and coming from a family of talented and professional artists I was always surrounded by creativity and support. When I was 18 I ventured to Art School. I made it one year. It wasn’t what I expected at all and I put down my pencil for almost 5 years. 

After some detours, a degree in Archaeology, teaching english, 4 countries, countless jobs, I found myself in an Art Shop buying an A6 Sketchbook and pack of microns. I had never tried ink drawing before but immediately loved it. Since then a pack of Microns and a sketchbook can always be found near by. I started by sketching whatever I could see, buildings, cafes, my kitchen. Instagram let me get in touch with artists all over the world and grow much faster than I expected.

Now, almost a decade after I quit Art School, I teach high school art, exhibit, do commissions and even murals. Sketching is where I am most relaxed and have the most fun. Microns are my favourite, as they have the blackest and smoothest ink that stays strong over time! Very important for me as my sketchbooks can get a bit beaten up, I take them everywhere. I love getting lost in details, however big the piece, and the 005 is perfect for that. The past two years I have been working on a series of projects but my favourites have to be my Pet Portraits & Wave Series. Pet Portraits allow me to connect with people and create personalised art that I know will be treasured. The Wave series is my personal project, something I can get stuck into and lose myself in. I’ve been lucky enough to exhibit some of these pieces and even sell a few! 

Thank you Sakura for featuring me! Your pens have made my dream career a reality. “ - Rosemary Grace

Instagram: @r.g_art

Facebook: rosemarygrace.art

Website: rosemarygraceart.com

AuthorWayne Chan