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HI! I'm Penelope Gaylord, or "Peng-Peng", and I'm a freelance artist based in LA. I've done illustrations for licensed properties like "How to Train Your Dragon", "Star Wars", and "Adventure Time". I do most of my illustrations digitally in my home studio but comic work is typically still pen to paper. I'm currently a character designer in animation but I started my professional career in comics. I've worked with publishers like IDW and Boom Studios doing covers, interiors, and inking pages. I've inked a lot of pages and I love using Pigma Microns for it. Microns give me a lot of control over the lines and lineweights. My weapons of choice are the 03, 05, and 08 Microns, as well as the Pigma MB brush pens lately. The most panic-inducing thing about inking pages is when a pen spits a giant glob of ink on the page but I've never had that problem with Microns. Just consistent ink the entire length of line keeping the pages clean.

When I'm not inking pages, I love using the Gelly Roll pens to accent some original pieces. They're nice and opaque, adding an extra layer of colors. I keep a little pouch of my Gellies with me when I do comic conventions. You just never know when you'll need them.


Instagram: @pengpengart

Facebook: pengpengart

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