“My name is Oona Cassidy and I am a self-taught artist living in San Francisco with my husband and two young daughters. My formal art education ended in high school but I have always maintained my passion for art. After several years of practicing law, I moved to California while working for a company in New York City.  The time difference gave me the opportunity to start drawing again after a very long hiatus. Over the past several years, I have been lucky enough to do a number of commercial and private commissions, sell various products through my Etsy shop and have recently shown in a gallery here in SF. 

For as long as I can remember, my parents have gifted me art supplies for Christmas. For one of those gifts, years ago, was my very first pack of Pigma Microns and they’ve been an absolute necessity for my artwork ever since. A current series I have been working on is called ‘Dragimals’ which are ink drawings of animals in very intricate wigs inspired by drag queens.  Although I enjoy all sizes and colors of microns, the 003 and 005 nib size are perfect for this particular series because of the fine fur and hair details that it requires. I love the whole range of microns because the nib never splits, the ink lasts for ages and I can use watercolor over the top without the lines fading and bleeding. Gelly Rolls have also been a go to pen for me for decades and new additions to the range never cease to impress me.  I am so thankful to Sakura for creating so many different products that have been able to grow with me and my art over the years.“ - Oona Cassidy

Instagram: @oonakc

Facebook: @OonaKConEtsy

Website: etsy.com/shop/OKCs

AuthorWayne Chan