Molly Jessup is a southern artist with a love of home, landscape, and history. Focusing her art on architecture, she takes photos of homes (or any other sentimental location) and turns them into custom illustrations. Spending most of her life in Memphis, Tennessee she developed a deep love of southern living and architecture, and strives to capture the nuances of each home's personality in her art. She now lives and works in North Carolina and spends her days sketching, and fighting her toddler for her Microns. 

"Sakura Micron pens are my go to for all my custom portraits. Working with architecture requires the ability to get into small spaces for tiny details, and these are the best tool for that job. I've been sketching architecture for a decade now and have tried every pen there is. The first time I tried the 005 I knew I had finally found my match. These are the only pens I trust to give me professional quality results every time."

Etsy: Carolina Cabin

AuthorMichaela Yee