Michael Jantze is an American cartoonist and illustrator, best known as the author of the syndicated newspaper comic strip, "The Norm". Born in New York, Michael grew up in the Midwest and now lives on the West Coast, he'll probably die in Japan.

Michael earned a degree in film, worked as a filmmaker and then as an art director (first at corporations and newspapers and finally at ILM) all while working on comics. He is currently an Art Director at Amazon Publishing, and lives in Seattle with his one wife, two children and three dogs. They all have names and he loves them.

Michael uses Micron pens for writing, sketching, drawing, inking, and lettering of his weekly comic strip “The Norm.” He also uses other Sakura products for his sanity sketches posted on Instagram. Michael believes Sakura is French for awesome and high-quality, though he probably just made that up. Michael started using the Micron pens because of their portability and non-fade qualities, but has come to see them for their brains, too.

Instagram: @jantze

Facebook: jantzestudios

Website: jantze.com

Twitter: michaeljantze

AuthorWayne Chan