Matthew H. Thompson is an art student from New York City. He is currently earning his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art in his hometown. Born into a family of architects, industrial designers, and illustrators, Matthew has been making art since early childhood. Over the years, Matthew has been obsessed with subjects ranging from the etchings of Rembrandt van Rijn and Albrecht Dürer to Islamic calligraphy and geometry.

Inspired by the ultra-thin lines and organization of this art, he finds that Sakura's Micron 005 pen satisfies all of his requirements. After his introduction to the Micron 005, Matthew’s art has become even more meticulous, with each piece often consisting of thousands of painstakingly hand drawn parallel lines. He often finds that the repetitive nature of his art inspires him to scrutinize his technique, and to understand his working habits and methods more fully.


Recently, Matthew has become interested in the visual phenomena caused by his cross-hatching, particularly in the creation of Moiré patterns. He has used Micron 005 pens extensively in his attempts to learn more about these phenomena, and to try to gain understanding on a first-hand basis. With work that often relies on consistency, while at the same time using a very fine line, Matthew prefers the Micron 005 over similar technical pens, which tend to clog and pool. Matthew hopes to expand the scale and to refine the exactness of his drawings in the future.   

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AuthorLeslie Crumpler