I suppose I would call myself a “budding” artist because I am truly still at the beginning of my illustration career. After working as an Art Director in the Chicago tech startup industry, I’ve made the transition this year to full-time pattern drawing, lettering and inking. My works are whimsical and intricate; they blend real world plants and animals with fictional ones, creating little galaxies of layered patterns.

I’ve used Pigma Microns since I began focusing on illustration 8 years ago. As I found myself drawing tighter and tighter linework, I purchased smaller and smaller pens. I’ve been asked, “How do you keep your drawings from smudging?” and realized that I’ve never run into that problem. Not once. 

I’m incredibly fortunate that I get to do what I love every single day and that I never have to worry about my drawing tools giving out on me. 

I work primarily in logo design, wedding design and packaging. My work can be found online at littlepatterns.commaggiesichter.myportfolio.com, and @littlepatterns on Instagram. 

AuthorLeslie Crumpler