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Liz Bradford is a scientific illustrator based in Portland, OR. In 2009, Bradford received a Graduate Certificate in Scientific Illustration from the University of California, Santa Cruz. Within her professional portfolio, she works within the confines of exact measurements and scientific accuracy. She said, “As a formally trained scientific illustrator, I explore the world through the focused observation of natural phenomena. The simplest things—tiny insects, a leaf, a stone—are transcribed with reverence and can be found to have infinite complexity. Art is my tool to discover and know the world and share that with others.” Some of her favorite subjects include anatomy, paleontology and ornithology. Her scientific illustration portfolio can be found here:

However, her creations have evolved to be not just science themed, but to be much more whimsical and light hearted over the years. She recently launched her own greeting card & stationery line called “Oxhip Studio” ( . She realized her favorite illustration projects were always the ones that stirred people’s hearts and made them smile. 

“Micron pens have always been my favorite choice for illustration. I constantly carry a pouch full around with me where ever I go, in case inspiration strikes. I love the impossibly tiny line widths possible with Microns, which are essential to my highly detailed illustrations. There is something highly meditative about transcribing what is in front of me into delicate marks on paper.” - Liz Bradford

Instagram: @oxhipstudio

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AuthorWayne Chan