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I’m Krista Mezzadri, owner and artist behind FoldedFlora. My art is a mix of watercolor, pencil, and artist ink pen. I work from home in my tiny little corner-studio based just outside of Buffalo, in East Aurora, New York. I find nature to be holistically and undeniably beautiful, which you'll find obvious in my artwork! Flowers, especially poppies, speak to my heart; while I appreciate the boldness a flower's color can express, in my art I allow the soft movement of petals to take center stage. As I draw each petal, I imagine it as a wave which has the power to undulate dramatically or the delicacy to furl quietly.

This is where the magic of Pigma ink pen comes in! I use a range of sizes, from the tiny 005 Micron up to the larger Pigma Graphic pens, depending on the scale of detail in my work. The beauty of Pigma ink is its crispness; I know it will go exactly where I lay down each line, and most importantly, as I layer wash after wash of watercolor over top, the ink does not run or bleed. Because I sell large-scale originals too, I’m confident the archival quality of the pens will last through the years.

When I'm not painting, you can usually find me out taking a stroll through our village with my family.

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