I was born and raised in the beautiful state of Oregon. I began drawing to be like my mom who passed away at the age of 33, I was 9. It keeps me connected to her; like continuing something she couldn’t do for herself.

As a tom-boy kid I collected all sorts of bugs. I remember rifling through pantries for old Mason jars to house a grasshopper, caterpillar or butterfly. I was fascinated by the iridescence of the dragonflies and their deep hum as they jetted past me while fishing, of sorts, at my uncle’s irrigation pond. I was also deathly afraid of spiders, bees, and beetles; screamed and shuttered when face-to-face. The idea to do pen-and-inks of bugs came from being stifled by a piece. There was this unforgiving white space in the upper left hand corner of my Geranium (now Geranium and Bee). It took me two days to commit to a bumble bee. The bee looks a bit “piggish” in retrospect, but I love that bee. A full scale Dragonfly was the beginning of my "Bug" Collection.

I use Sakura Pigma Micron pens tip size 01(0.25mm line-width) or 005 (0.20mm line-width. The reason I use them is simple, they are the best; 1) the best product volume, giving me hours of use before having to discard, 2)the best for details, the ink does not bleed on to the watercolor sheets, 3) the longevity, does not fade over time, and 4) the best application, the ink flows easily and does not clog.


AuthorLeslie Crumpler