I am Katie Acheson Wolford, a pen and ink artist from Portland, Oregon. My subjects tend to consist of hands, necks and faces, drawn using one continuous line. I work freehand, making art that is unplanned, unsketched and untraced. This style came naturally from drawing with pen every day, and needing a way to loosen up from a very geometric, planned and rigid way of approaching such a permanent medium. The result was creating curving, twisting, spiraling portraits without lifting my pen from the paper. I love the way pen and ink forces me to forget about spending hours re-working a piece until the illusive "perfection" is achieved, and instead shift my focus to the actual process itself. I face my greatest fear every day: a blank white piece of paper and a black pen, and now do so as a meditative practice. I have developed a trust between my hand and eye, and have found a zone of working where I turn off my over-thinking mind to freely explore the shadows and curves of a subject as they are, not as I am expecting them to be. It turns into pure instinct and concentration, where I work harsh black lines into soft expression and emotion. 

Why I like Pigma Microns:

I work very methodically and at a steady pace, but my one line style would not have developed in this way without Pigma Micron pens. They have become the only pen I work with – they have such a perfect point and ink flow that let me pause without leaving large bleed spots, and move quickly while still achieving a nice, even line. I also tend to work very small, and the small nib sizes are perfect for that. The true testament comes from my originals from years ago that have stood the test of time with the archival ink! 

AuthorWayne Chan