Julia Gutiérrez-Bravo is a Venezuelan-Spanish artist, born in 1988, self-taught and passionate about birds. Her artistic name is Mederos, in honor of his grandfather Luis Bravo-Mederos. Her grandfather was her best friend, her teacher and her accomplice. Due to the admiration that Luis Bravo felt for his mother, Julia decides to use her great-grandmother's surname as the artistic name.

Birds are a representation of herself and her emotions. For the artist birds represent, in their different species, freedom, overcoming, balance, elegance and mystery. These are the characteristics that she tries to transmit through her artwork.

The drawing and painting of birds became a therapy to overcome suffering and pain experienced, and an escape to the happiness of which the artist enjoys nowadays.

Her achromatic drawings (black and white) are due to the fact that for the artist the lack of color represent that balance, that elegance and that mystery. On the other hand, her paintings are chromatic because she understands that the different tonalities of colors represent an explosion of feelings and emotions that can only be reflected using the chromatic circle.

Upon her arrival in the United States she decided to give even more priority to her artistic work and thus be able to break through in that market, and somehow make her artworks a way of life.

“The reason I use Sakura pens is because they are affordable and high quality, they last months of use and they allow me to have precise strokes with their pens. I particularly, love a one line drawing and my pen of choice is the Sakura pens: Pigma Micron number 08!  “ - Julia Gutiérrez

Instagram: @mederosart

AuthorWayne Chan