Ahoy, Jon Stich here. I'm an illustrator and painter living and working in San Francisco. I grew up in Los Angeles, and have been creating pictures since I was nine years old, when my father took me to a Red Lobster and I scrawled all over the menu. Since then, I have somehow managed to create and sell artwork of the same quality. Some of my clients include Bloomberg Businessweek, Chronicle Books, Pandora Radio, Mother Jones, MTV, Adult Swim, Buzzfeed, Sports Illustrated Kids, and The San Francisco Chronicle.

Whether it's for personal or commercial work, I start every piece off by sketching with Micron pens. I use the finest 005 point and allow myself to be very loose in the early stages, and then tighten up with detail later on. I work on a lot of vellum bristol paper or watercolor paper, and the nib on Micron pens works really well despite the tooth of those papers. I like crosshatching, and I'll use the 005's for most of it, or size 02 for any larger dark areas. I've also been sketching with the Pigma Professional Brush pens as of late, and they have a wonderful capacity to create lines that show motion and expression, and they're a good half-way point between the fine point and a paint brush. Thanks Sakura!

AuthorLeslie Crumpler