"I use Microns for the entire base drawing of all my work. I loosely sketch my illustrations in pencil and then ink everything in with 005 microns. I use them to outline patterns and for traditional pen and ink textures. I've found that the 005 does exactly what I want on Cold Pressed watercolor paper, sort of giving the appearance of an etching and allowing for variation in line without any bleeding.

Once I discovered Microns it was a total game changer. I love that you don't have to deal with tips clogging or messy refills. The fact that they are lightfast and archival is also really important to me because I want my art to be long-lasting. I've tried a bunch of other brands with similar products, but I've found Microns to have the finest and blackest line. They do exactly what I want them to- which is an amazing thing in an art supply! Honestly the only Sakura products I've tried are the Microns (and 005 black are my favorite). Besides pencils and acrylic inks I really don't use anything else.

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AuthorLeslie Crumpler