"I am an illustrator and artist currently based out of Oakland, California. I strive to make work that is both funny and often gross or unsettling. Always with sketchbook and pen in hand, I spend hours a day drawing the things around me (everything on my desk, floor, shelf), going for long woodsy walks, collecting sticks, rocks and pinecones and eating massive amounts of watermelon. I love tiny details and asking people to get their faces 2 inches away from the work to read tiny commentary; it creates an intimacy and accessibility that breaks down many of the barriers of intimidation and exclusion in traditional fine art.

Microns allow for clean, simple line work without smearing or smudging. When doing really small scale work, it's important to have steady and predictable pen flow, which I've only found true with Micron pens."

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Instagram: avocado_toast

AuthorLeslie Crumpler