"My name is Ghaith, also known as astroaurts on Instagram. I stay busy working as an architectural engineer in Philadelphia. I spend my downtime exploring cool spots in the city with my girlfriend, taking our puppy for walks, and of course; drawing. I love creating simple, eye catching illustrations using Micron pens to share them with the world on my Instagram account. I generally experiment with black and white ink minimalist illustrations with line pattern/dotting details.

I love using the Micron ink pens because they allow me to add very fine details that take my illustrations to the next level. The different line widths with these pens are perfect for outlining and detailing beautiful yet simple illustrations. Also, I am a lefty and I never have to worry about smudging when I illustrate with Micron pens because they dry instantly. My personal favorite nib size to work with is 005!" -Ghaith Yacoub

Instagram: @astroaurts

AuthorWayne Chan