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People like to ask “when did you start drawing?” to which I always respond: at the same time you did, the thing is I never stopped. I was born in São Paulo, Brazil and have lived in Buenos Aires, Lisbon, London and now settled in San Francisco (for a while), drawing bunnies for a living - am I lucky or what?. I have also been working as a graphic designer for a mobile game company, trying to sneak in bunnies every chance I get. I love making toys, decoration rooms with customized vinyl stickers, illustrating for all sorts of products and I’m currently looking for graffiti partners to collab and bring me to paint murals in my beloved San Francisco.

I’m not afraid of a long lay over, an infinite line at the DMV, a boring play or any kind of event that obliges me to sit down and wait for a long time as soon as I have my sketchbook and my drawing kit - three or four microns (that has to include a 003 or 005 ones), a white gelly-roll for details (especially when drawing on non-white paper) and a red one for the cheeks (yes, this is a must on my characters). I'm CRAZY about the Pen-Touch permanent markers, no marker has such a beautiful and perfect ink. Every time someone goes to Japan and asks if I want anything, I say "sakura pens, doesn't matter which ones”.

If I’m feeling generous, I share my micron pens with people that claim not knowing how to draw and they get surprised with the result (people who usually scribble with any ball pen or dull pencil). I love how the ink remains black and strong forever and how smooth it is to draw with them. Many of my illustrations look like they came out of a printer, so sharp and clean these pens perform. It’s not by chance Micron pens are the favorite among so many artists, including myself, obvs. ;) -Elisa Sassi

Website: elisasassi.com

Instagram: @elisasassi

Facebook: sassilandia

AuthorWayne Chan