My name is Eddie Valencia, an illustrator/painter/muralist out of San Bernardino, CA. I am 24 years young, and as an "up and coming" artist, I treat every opportunity as a blessing. Currently working in West Hollywood, I spend most of my time creating art of all medias. I am fascinated by nature and the human figure, which helps with my passion of creating illustrations and paintings. I love to travel and explore new places, especially for work! Being able to create for people in and out of my hometown is the best satisfaction for me. I just wanna make my family and friends proud. 

I have used many brands of ink pen in my career, and quite frankly nothing compares to Pigma Micron. The quality is visually and mentally more satisfying than its competitors! I use every size they have to offer. each size is unique in its own way, especially when I'm working on headshot illustrations. I'm forever a fan! 

Instagram: @yeahmaneddie

AuthorLeslie Crumpler