Derek Myers

My name is Derek Myers, I'm a freelance illustrator / designer just south of Cleveland Ohio. I received my B.F.A from The University of Akron and quickly got a job as a graphic designer in the travel industry for a few years before transitioning to becoming a freelance illustrator to focus on my art. I have an ongoing Daily Drawing series where I post a new piece of art daily, whether its a sketch or doodle, painting, commissioned illustration, or whatever else I'm currently working on. My work is very much inspired by nature with a healthy bit of geometry thrown in to shake things up. I like creating sharp geometric borders and finding new and interesting ways to have nature break away and extend out while keeping with a clean looking design overall. I primarily work with companies to create logos, album art, shirt designs, and accept commissions for tattoo designs and original pen and ink illustrations. I also sell prints from my Daily Drawings series over at my shop. I've been using Microns almost exclusively as my main medium since I was introduced to them by a professor in college. 

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