I'm a freelance illustrator and animation content creator living in Los Angeles. Past clients include Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Dreamworks, Artrock Posters, Sony, Levi's, MTV, and Disney Channel. I'm currently developing an animated co-production involving lizards and lasers and a graphic novel using Micron pens!

The below black and white illustrations and color cut-outs on corks are created using Moleskin watercolor paper and Micron pens. 

I love Micron pens and actually used them to ink all my characters for an animated web series I did for Dreamworks TV called Public Pool. I wanted the cartoon to have a non-vectorizedhand drawn feel, like comics, so I ink, scan and color all the assets,  then I send it all to be animated by my cartoon wizard pal Jimbo Matison in NY, who uses the After Effects program. He's very committed to retaining the hand drawn Micron ink line. The color images below are from Public Pool and from my other Dreamworks TV/go90 series Moaties.

I especially love the fine tip Microns. For the Public Pool cartoon I used the thicker 0.50 for a heavier line. 

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AuthorLeslie Crumpler