“My name is Dave Kloc and I’m a Micron addict.  Since I was 22, I’ve only known the drag of a fresh .02 then… a fresh .05 as the only way to take something from pencil to completed.  I was given a multi-pack of Micron’s as a graduation present by a friend after graduating University of Michigan Art School - having never inked a drawing before.  I used every drop of each of those pens and then tried using different brands, only to return to Microns and stay there to this day - where I find myself skipping to the art store for new pens after every drawing.  I draw posters for bands, these days, and someday i’ll have my fingertips replaced with Micron nibs - refillable through a port in my forearm.  Ideally my finger tips would be the caps, and they’d convey the same satisfying “click” when I put them back on after drawing all day.  If you’re reading this you’re probably already a Micron fan - and if so - I see you.  

I’m expected to be consistent with my work, in delivery and in product.  A very large part of that is having tools that are equally consistent and reliable, Micron pens are absolutely that.  The line width, darkness of ink, dry time - are all paramount to me being able to get ideas from my grapefruit sized brain down through my spindly little arms and onto my paper to make the posters that keep the heat on and food in the fridge. Honestly, I have tried other brands and they all come with their own issues that make it very easy to stay on course with Microns.  I love those little guys… and ya know what… I think they might like me right back.” -Dave Kloc

Instagram: @davekloc

Website: davekloc.com

AuthorWayne Chan