Brittani George (aka “Georgie”) is a self-taught artist who is deeply influenced by the rhythmic patterns of nature. She earned her Bachelors in Science as a biology major and chemistry minor and uses this formal insight to convey a sense of depth, value, and interconnectivity in her work. Georgie gives a unique style that is represented with geometrical shapes and vibrant colors. She attributes the evolution of her style, not only to her imagination, but also to the supplies that allow her to create so freely.

“My first visit to an art store changed my life. No, seriously. This visit introduced me to innovative tools to create and continue to inspire me as an artist and visionary. The moment I used my first Micron pen, it was love at first sight. Because I’ve always been that meticulous artist… so for the first time, I had pens that allowed me to go even further into detail with super fine points, further enhanced by permanent, vibrant pigments. And when I thought this love could grow no deeper, I suddenly discovered Gelly Roll pens. I am visually captivated by the neon, metallic, and glitter-filled pigments that are given off by my Gelly Roll pen collection, and it has become a stable “touch” in my artwork. I like to couple watercolor with my line details, so it’s essential that my pen work is still holding strong against water washes. My visuals are meant to portray a deeper feel of nature, culture, and divinity and Sakura products has made it that much easier to achieve.” 
Instagram @gardenofjourney

AuthorLeslie Crumpler