Brett makes stuff up for a living. He currently runs his own studio, Drawn To It Studios LLC, creates puppet designs for the Jim Henson's creature shop, illustrating the 8th book in the successful children's book series Beasts of Olympus with Penguin/Random House and was the lead designer on the show Slugterra on Disney XD.  He has worked on feature films, TV shows, video games, comic books, card/board games, and children's books as an illustrator, writer, cartoonist, designer, and teacher.

"Sakura makes so many variations and choices it’s easy to use them in conjunction with each other.  Between the watercolors and it’s pen counterparts, it’s easy to get what you’re looking for artistically.  I was raised on the Microns so they’ll always have a spot on my table." -Brett Bean


Instagram: @brett2dbean

Facebook: brett2dbean

AuthorWayne Chan