By day, Blake Gore is the Director of Learning Experience Design at Vanderbilt Business School, empowering individuals to embrace drawing and design thinking as problem-solving tools. By night, he creates sustainable small art to the sounds of Music City (Nashville). Often drawing inside only an inch or two, he’s inspired by the challenge to create more while consuming less.

“My approach to sustainable art includes non-toxic ink and recycled canvases, but it goes further than the obvious. Small, portable art needs to be durable if it is to be an active part of people’s daily lives, and the Pigma Micron’s waterproof, archival ink is up to the task. I like knowing that by keeping my material costs low, I can increase art lovers’ accessibility to original pieces. But, if my art isn’t always going to sit quietly on a wall, I need to make sure it ages well - and avoids a landfill.

Working inside tiny spaces also requires a degree of precision that the Pigma Micron 005 and 003 were specifically designed to deliver. I know exactly what to expect from every stroke and stipple, and there is no substitute for that confidence when the margin for error is so miniscule.” – Blake Gore

Instagram: @blakegore

Twitter: @B1akeGore

AuthorWayne Chan