Hi, I am Andrew Banks and I live in Chicago, IL.  I am a freelance artist, illustrator and owner of Andrew Banks Illustration.  I work with watercolor, ink, and graphite. Some of my most recent work includes commissioned paintings and drawings for Northwestern University, YMCA, and Peter Pennoyer Architects, along with a variety of commissions for individuals.

When working with ink, I enjoy using Pigma Micron pens in a variety of sizes (01, 02 ,03, 05, 08) as well as the Pigma Professional Brushes (MB, BB).  Earning my Master of Architecture degree in 2011, much of the focus in my work is on architectural subjects including local architectural landmarks and landscapes as well as commissioned home and business portraits.  The precision of the Pigma Micron pens and variety of sizes are ideal for my work as it relies heavily on building up value and textures through cross hatching and mark making techniques.

I am heavily involved in the international Urban Sketchers movement as well as its Chicago Chapter, Urban Sketchers Chicago.  In July of 2014, I taught a 2 day workshop at Chicago Urban Sketchers 2nd annual Chicago Sketch Seminar.  I was extremely grateful that Sakura of America sponsored my workshop with a variety of Pigma Micron pens and brushes for each of my students.  My workshop focused on simplified perspective drawing techniques along with ink drawing techniques, where I was able to introduce my classes to Sakura of America’s products.


Website: www.andrewbanksillustration.com
Instagram: @abillustrator
Twitter: @abillustrator
Tumblr: andrewbanksillustration

For inquiries: andrew@andrewbanksillustration.com

AuthorLeslie Crumpler