"Drawing has always been a passion of mine and I love the texture that pen and ink can provide. Drawing and photography have always been two of my favorite subjects in life. I attended the Atlanta College of Art  and have been drawing since childhood. I would spend my down-time in the school library studying the Society of Illustrators Annual for hours, learning the names and styles of the many Illustrators. Some of my favorites included Murray Tinkelman, Brad Holland, Frank Frazetta and many others. Today you see a movement towards digital art and the hand drawn pen and ink illustrations seem to be losing their grip, but I’m old school and love to see the human element in drawings."

The human interaction of pen touching paper cannot be duplicated by computer. I’ve been using the Micron 005 pen for many years. No more shaking and cleaning old technical pens and worrying about if they dry out or clog. You just pop the cap off of the Micron and get after it. It’s archival ink is waterproof and fade proof and provides quality lines every time. Thank you Sakura Color Products Corporation for providing such a worry free quality product! I am in your debt.

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AuthorLeslie Crumpler