"Hi, my name is Afsaneh Tajvidi. I am an illustrator and multimedia artist living with my husband and two funny cats in the beautiful city of Toronto in Canada. Last year I launched my new line of greeting cards and I share behind the scenes photos and my work process on my Instagram and Facebook. I was raised in a family of artists. My grandfather was a famous musician and his father was a painter (miniaturist) therefore art has always had a special place in our home. When I was very young my mom was always encouraging my sister and I to draw and paint. She used to buy us drawing notebooks to draw with crayons. We still have our childhood drawings and it’s so fun to look at them! Even though I studied computer engineering at the university, it didn't stop me from following my real passion which is drawing and painting.

I fell in love with Sakura pens many years ago because of their archival inks and very fine tips, and since then I never stopped using them. I love using them to draw in my sketchbooks, on the envelopes that I send out, or even on washi tapes that I use for packaging!” - Afsaneh Tajvidi

Instagram: @joojoopaper

Facebook: joojoopaper


AuthorWayne Chan