In the Summer 2014 issue of Art Materials Retailer Magazine, Pigma Micron pens are declared the winners of the second annual Fabulous Products Awards. 

The iconic Pigma Micron Pen, beloved by a diverse audience that includes manga artists and entomologists alike, received the most votes from retailers to win the top spot in this years Fabulous Product Awards.

Perfect for every occasion, the Pigma Micron pen is available in six point sizes and a variety of colors in addition to the bestselling black... The list of Pigma Micron users is long. It includes, but is not limited to, designers, architects, Zentanglists, scrapbookers, archivists, manga artists, illustrators and cartoonists.

In short, the pens “are wonderful,” said Jay Zywenburg in Art Materials retailer last winter. The owner of Jay’s Art Shop & Frame Gallery in Bennington, Vermont, told us, “We put an order in almost every month to six weeks to replenish that display.
— Tina Manzer - Art Materials Retailer Magazine, Summer 2014
AuthorLeslie Crumpler