Tim Phelps is a Professor and Medical Illustrator who has been teaching and illustrating for 32 years in the Department of Art as Applied to Medicine at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, Maryland. He has received over 40 regional and national awards for his artwork published in textbooks, magazines, dictionaries, and professional journals. Projects have included multiple surgical texts and atlases on Otolaryngology, Orthopedics, Surgical Pathology, and Cardiac Surgery.

“Micron pens have been a staple of mine for over 20 years. There is ease to the release of the ink that provides a photo reproductive line, faithfully mimics my desired drawing style and dries quickly on my preferred surface of vellum.“ -Timothy Phelps

For the past 5 years, Tim has been exploring the significance of mandalas and mindfulness culminating in his current two-volume “Wonders” series of full color books of nature mandalas published by Schiffer Publishing (2016) that celebrates our earth’s biodiversity and conservancy efforts to save it. A set of nature mandala coloring books followed in 2017.

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My name is Brenna Daugherty and I’m freelance illustrator and lifelong doodler. I graduated with a B.A. in Fine Art from UC Berkeley, but quickly transitioned to focus on illustration.  I found a lot of joy in creating fun, vibrant imagery and discovered that it often brought others happiness too - I’ve continued to illustrate with that goal always in mind.

I currently live in San Francisco, California and find inspiration in everything from knick knacks, vintage, florals, and exploring different parts of this lovely, unique city. My illustration work is all over the map; I create privately commissioned pieces, editorial illustration, I have a small line of greeting cards that I sell at a few shops here in San Francisco, and I also illustrate live at brand events. Clients have included Saks 5th Avenue, Estee Lauder, and Fresh Beauty. If you’d like to keep up with what I’m doodling, follow me on Instagram: @brenna_daugherty

I’ve been using Sakura pens since high school (for 10+ years now!) and they truly are the best. The variety of nib sizes are great for different levels of detail, and I love that I can use them with wet media too, with absolutely no bleeding. I’m super excited about the new PN (Plastic Nib) pens - I’ve been using them nonstop because they’re so sturdy.

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Michael Jantze is an American cartoonist and illustrator, best known as the author of the syndicated newspaper comic strip, "The Norm". Born in New York, Michael grew up in the Midwest and now lives on the West Coast, he'll probably die in Japan.

Michael earned a degree in film, worked as a filmmaker and then as an art director (first at corporations and newspapers and finally at ILM) all while working on comics. He is currently an Art Director at Amazon Publishing, and lives in Seattle with his one wife, two children and three dogs. They all have names and he loves them.

Michael uses Micron pens for writing, sketching, drawing, inking, and lettering of his weekly comic strip “The Norm.” He also uses other Sakura products for his sanity sketches posted on Instagram. Michael believes Sakura is French for awesome and high-quality, though he probably just made that up. Michael started using the Micron pens because of their portability and non-fade qualities, but has come to see them for their brains, too.

Instagram: @jantze

Facebook: jantzestudios

Website: jantze.com

Twitter: michaeljantze

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"Hi, my name is Afsaneh Tajvidi. I am an illustrator and multimedia artist living with my husband and two funny cats in the beautiful city of Toronto in Canada. Last year I launched my new line of greeting cards and I share behind the scenes photos and my work process on my Instagram and Facebook. I was raised in a family of artists. My grandfather was a famous musician and his father was a painter (miniaturist) therefore art has always had a special place in our home. When I was very young my mom was always encouraging my sister and I to draw and paint. She used to buy us drawing notebooks to draw with crayons. We still have our childhood drawings and it’s so fun to look at them! Even though I studied computer engineering at the university, it didn't stop me from following my real passion which is drawing and painting.

I fell in love with Sakura pens many years ago because of their archival inks and very fine tips, and since then I never stopped using them. I love using them to draw in my sketchbooks, on the envelopes that I send out, or even on washi tapes that I use for packaging!” - Afsaneh Tajvidi

Instagram: @joojoopaper

Facebook: joojoopaper

Website: joojoopaper.com

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Liz Bradford is a scientific illustrator based in Portland, OR. In 2009, Bradford received a Graduate Certificate in Scientific Illustration from the University of California, Santa Cruz. Within her professional portfolio, she works within the confines of exact measurements and scientific accuracy. She said, “As a formally trained scientific illustrator, I explore the world through the focused observation of natural phenomena. The simplest things—tiny insects, a leaf, a stone—are transcribed with reverence and can be found to have infinite complexity. Art is my tool to discover and know the world and share that with others.” Some of her favorite subjects include anatomy, paleontology and ornithology. Her scientific illustration portfolio can be found here: https://oxhip.com/

However, her creations have evolved to be not just science themed, but to be much more whimsical and light hearted over the years. She recently launched her own greeting card & stationery line called “Oxhip Studio” (www.oxhipstudio.com) . She realized her favorite illustration projects were always the ones that stirred people’s hearts and made them smile. 

“Micron pens have always been my favorite choice for illustration. I constantly carry a pouch full around with me where ever I go, in case inspiration strikes. I love the impossibly tiny line widths possible with Microns, which are essential to my highly detailed illustrations. There is something highly meditative about transcribing what is in front of me into delicate marks on paper.” - Liz Bradford

Instagram: @oxhipstudio

Facebook: oxhipstudio

Website: oxhipstudio.com

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