Eddie Nuñez was born and raised in El Paso, Tx. He got hired to work and relocate to sunny San Diego for Wildstorm / DC in 2008. Most of Eddie's time was spent working on the DC Universe Online doing concept design and artwork for in game cut scenes. He also did design work for the Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters video game. Some of Eddie's comic credits include working on Lois Lane and the Resistance, Deadpool, Batman/ TMNT, Nickelodeons Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Ben 10 and Legendary's World of Worldcraft. Eddie now resides back home in El Paso, Tx as a freelance artist and hunting chupacabras on his free time.

Why I like Pigma Microns:

"The reason I like using Microns is because of the control the pens give me. I like the line weight that they put out and that they don't bleed when I go over them with markers. I also love the juicy lines I get from a brand new pen. I have used many different name brand pens and I feel like Microns are by far the best pen for me when it comes to inking." -Eddie Nuñez

Website: eddienunezart.com

Instagram: eddienunezart

AuthorWayne Chan

I am Katie Acheson Wolford, a pen and ink artist from Portland, Oregon. My subjects tend to consist of hands, necks and faces, drawn using one continuous line. I work freehand, making art that is unplanned, unsketched and untraced. This style came naturally from drawing with pen every day, and needing a way to loosen up from a very geometric, planned and rigid way of approaching such a permanent medium. The result was creating curving, twisting, spiraling portraits without lifting my pen from the paper. I love the way pen and ink forces me to forget about spending hours re-working a piece until the illusive "perfection" is achieved, and instead shift my focus to the actual process itself. I face my greatest fear every day: a blank white piece of paper and a black pen, and now do so as a meditative practice. I have developed a trust between my hand and eye, and have found a zone of working where I turn off my over-thinking mind to freely explore the shadows and curves of a subject as they are, not as I am expecting them to be. It turns into pure instinct and concentration, where I work harsh black lines into soft expression and emotion. 

Why I like Pigma Microns:

I work very methodically and at a steady pace, but my one line style would not have developed in this way without Pigma Micron pens. They have become the only pen I work with – they have such a perfect point and ink flow that let me pause without leaving large bleed spots, and move quickly while still achieving a nice, even line. I also tend to work very small, and the small nib sizes are perfect for that. The true testament comes from my originals from years ago that have stood the test of time with the archival ink! 

AuthorWayne Chan
elisa sassi.jpg

People like to ask “when did you start drawing?” to which I always respond: at the same time you did, the thing is I never stopped. I was born in São Paulo, Brazil and have lived in Buenos Aires, Lisbon, London and now settled in San Francisco (for a while), drawing bunnies for a living - am I lucky or what?. I have also been working as a graphic designer for a mobile game company, trying to sneak in bunnies every chance I get. I love making toys, decoration rooms with customized vinyl stickers, illustrating for all sorts of products and I’m currently looking for graffiti partners to collab and bring me to paint murals in my beloved San Francisco.

I’m not afraid of a long lay over, an infinite line at the DMV, a boring play or any kind of event that obliges me to sit down and wait for a long time as soon as I have my sketchbook and my drawing kit - three or four microns (that has to include a 003 or 005 ones), a white gelly-roll for details (especially when drawing on non-white paper) and a red one for the cheeks (yes, this is a must on my characters). I'm CRAZY about the Pen-Touch permanent markers, no marker has such a beautiful and perfect ink. Every time someone goes to Japan and asks if I want anything, I say "sakura pens, doesn't matter which ones”.

If I’m feeling generous, I share my micron pens with people that claim not knowing how to draw and they get surprised with the result (people who usually scribble with any ball pen or dull pencil). I love how the ink remains black and strong forever and how smooth it is to draw with them. Many of my illustrations look like they came out of a printer, so sharp and clean these pens perform. It’s not by chance Micron pens are the favorite among so many artists, including myself, obvs. ;) -Elisa Sassi

Website: elisasassi.com

Instagram: @elisasassi

Facebook: sassilandia

AuthorWayne Chan
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I’m Krista Mezzadri, owner and artist behind FoldedFlora. My art is a mix of watercolor, pencil, and artist ink pen. I work from home in my tiny little corner-studio based just outside of Buffalo, in East Aurora, New York. I find nature to be holistically and undeniably beautiful, which you'll find obvious in my artwork! Flowers, especially poppies, speak to my heart; while I appreciate the boldness a flower's color can express, in my art I allow the soft movement of petals to take center stage. As I draw each petal, I imagine it as a wave which has the power to undulate dramatically or the delicacy to furl quietly.

This is where the magic of Pigma ink pen comes in! I use a range of sizes, from the tiny 005 Micron up to the larger Pigma Graphic pens, depending on the scale of detail in my work. The beauty of Pigma ink is its crispness; I know it will go exactly where I lay down each line, and most importantly, as I layer wash after wash of watercolor over top, the ink does not run or bleed. Because I sell large-scale originals too, I’m confident the archival quality of the pens will last through the years.

When I'm not painting, you can usually find me out taking a stroll through our village with my family.

Learn more about Krista at: 

AuthorSakura of America

Nigel creates complex isometric murals and illustrations. The detail is all done by hand and with a lighthearted sense of humor that keeps you looking, and smiling. Nigel has worked for a range of companies, from large, innovative brands like Google, eBay and Redbull, to smaller start-ups, and projects that include large scale murals to more traditional print projects for well-known publications. Bold, bright and complex, Nigel’s signature style uses isometric line art and a striking but simple color palette, creating seek-and-find type drawings, as well as illustrations that feature complex fantasy architecture and/or imaginary machines. There’s all kinds of activity going on in Nigel’s work and it’s no surprise to find that his influences include Martin Handford (creator of Where’s Waldo?), MC Escher and the original SimCity computer games.

At home in Berkeley, California, he lives with his wife, Yasemin, son, Luka, and cat, Fidel Catstro.

"When I started getting serious about my drawings, I tried a lot of different pens, and the Sakura Pigma Micron pens where the only ones that gave me bold, consistent, and crisp lines with assurance of archival longevity and minimal smearing and bleeding. They are simply the best pens in the category, and if you are using something else, it will be at the sacrifice of your art." -Nigel Sussman

Website: nigelsussman.com

Instagram: @nigelsussman

Facebook: nigelsussman

AuthorWayne Chan