"Microns are an absolute must in my arsenal.

I love that they're highly pigmented, and I can count on the nibs to stay saturated and perfect, even after hours of intense drawing. They are the perfect tool to create the intricate detail intermingled with flora that has become my signature style. My favorite widths are the 03 and 05, though I often use the 01 for the smallest details like veins of leaves and eyelashes. Microns are absolutely irreplaceable to my craft."


Inspired by the natural and physiological world around her, Jody Pham's fascination with the intricacies of seemingly everyday things began at a very young age. Her distinctively monochromatic illustrations are filled with contradicting clean lines, tangled flora, and inky disarray that invite the viewer to take a closer look. She finds the transformative, resilient disposition of nature beautiful and endlessly inspiring. Jody's compositions often reflect her bicultural identity, and the experience of navigating dual worlds.

Jody has worked on a wide range of creative projects, including designing a set of hand bags for Cykochik's Artist Series 3 Collection, creating custom album artwork for Stripmall Architecture, and creating interactive art for Absolut Vodka at the Index Festival. She has shown her work at several galleries throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area, including Kettle Art, White Space Gallery, Janette Kennedy Gallery, and the Fort Worth Community Arts Center, as well as at the Bottleneck Gallery in Brooklyn. In December 2013, she had the privilege of showing her work as part of the Red Bull Curates Exhibition at SCOPE Miami during Art Basel after winning Red Bull's Canvas Cooler competition in Dallas.

One of her favorite things is drawing live at art shows and events, and the unique experience of sharing the creative process with art patrons. Striving to give back to her community, Jody has also collaborated with several creatively driven non-profits, both locally and internationally, including Dallas non-profit ArtLoveMagic, who hosts ongoing kid's art workshops for underprivileged children. In addition to her love for drawing, she is equally passionate about helping others, and is currently pursuing her Masters degree in Social Work. Jody lives and works near downtown Dallas.  

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