In today's digital environment, people are re-discovering the value and humanity of the handwritten word. Teaching handwriting is disappearing from schools, we commonly correspond through text message, and few people mail personalized letters anymore. Fortunately, we are experiencing a surge in the hand-written arts. For example, calligraphy classes that were once waning in interest are now full.  There’s a shift away from mass produced perfection to handcrafted.  In packaging, the trend of handwritten lettering and hand-painted backgrounds is everywhere.  Grocery chains feature handwritten signage to communicate personalized messaging.  A quick hashtag search on social media proves that interest in calligraphy, typography, and lettering is growing. Handwriting is an expressive way to communicate and we encourage people to take the time to write something by hand.

Hone your skills by starting a daily practice with Michaela of Sakura. Michaela expertly demonstrates how to use a variety of Sakura pens and paints – including favorites like Pigma Microns, Koi Brush Pens and Gelly Rolls. Throughout the month, Michaela shares several styles of brush-lettered and block alphabets, perfect for making custom cards, frame-worthy quotes, and more. You’ll also learn which pens are best to use on glass, metal, wood and other unconventional surfaces. Each day, you’ll gradually build your skills, inspiring you to keep lettering even when the month is over. 


Learn from the talented Arley-Rose Torsone of Ladyfingers Letterpress over on Oh So Beautiful Paper.

See more beautiful work by Arley-Rose here. 

Learn hand lettering tips and tricks by Arley Rose Torsone of   Ladyfingers Letterpress   over on   Oh So Beautiful Paper  .

HAND LETTERING IS ALL ABOUT TURNING WORDS INTO ART. View the tutorials below to learn some basics.