Tip for using Pigma Calligrapher:

1.       Be sure to write with each pen for a few minutes before beginning your project in order to achieve the ideal ink flow.

2.       If you are accustomed to other disposal “fiber” calligraphy nibs – it may take some practice getting used to our flat, firm, nylon calligraphy nib. Pigma Calligrapher’s nib performs more like a professional flat metal nib. 

3.       More advanced users will enjoy the dry brush technique that you can achieve with these pens when using a light touch while writing.

Note: Be sure to print "The quick brown fox..." on legal sized paper. 

Download and print out these sheets and trace or lay under translucent paper to get the feel of writing the letters.
Use a Pigma Calligrapher 30.
Provided by Randall M. Hasson.