"I couldn't find my creative way until I found Microns.

Just using the pens themselves has taught me everything I know about drawing. I wouldn't have ever created anything I'm proud of without them."


There are a lot of things that make up who Ben Hucke is, a dedicated single father, Profession BMX rider and overall creative human are just a few that he is well known for. Being humble and very new to people calling him an artist, he still won't consider himself one because to him he's just having fun. He has traveled the world and explored some of the craziest places on his bmx bike; The one thing that he is always fascinated by are the people he's come across, how every one of them are so different, the little details that make up who they are and where they came from. 

On a recent trip, a friend tattooed a portrait of his son over his heart. The feeling that he felt having someone create something so special for him, made him want to be able to create that feeling for others. After a few months of doodling and creating some drawings for friends, he has discovered Microns and a few techniques that have transformed his fascination into an obsession. Capturing an emotion or memory and recreating it for someone else to feel is what fuels his creative desire.

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